Meet our Staff

To contact an individual member of our team, click the e-mail address by the name of the employee you are trying to reach.  For general inquiries, please can contact us via telephone, (508) 870-0312, or e-mail,

For media inquiries please contact Brian Noyes at (508) 870-0312 ext. 293 or

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Staff Contact List: 

  • II: Innovation Institute at MassTech

  • Exec: Executive Team

  • MBI: Massachusetts Broadband Institute

  • MeHI: Massachusetts eHealth Institute

  • Medicaid: Medicaid Operations Unit, Massachusetts eHealth Institute

Ticia Allain-Martin

Paralegal, Exec

Chris Andrews

Chief Financial and Operations Officer, Exec

Michael Baldino

Associate General Counsel & Director of Board Relations, Exec

Sherif Barakat

Special Assistant to the Executive Director/CEO, Exec

Nicole Bennett

Provider Enrollment and Verification Manager, Medicaid

Thomas Bennett

Client Services Relationship Manager, MeHI

Keely Benson

Program Manager, MeHI

James Byrnes

Senior Operations Manager, Innovation Institute

Andrea Callanan

eHealth Community Manager, MeHI

Brett Campbell

Communications Manager, Exec

Dave Charbonneau

Technical Director, MBI

Vivian Chung

eHealth eQuality Grants Coordinator, MeHI

Tim Connelly

Executive Director, Exec

Ashley Congdon

Financial Compliance and Control Officer,Exec

Todd Corcoran

Technical Program Manager, MBI

Mary Creamer

Assistant Controller, Exec

Lydia De La Fuente

Executive Assistant, Exec

Judy Diaz

Senior Provider Enrollment and Verification Analyst, Medicaid

Marybeth Dixon

Operations Director, Exec

Edmund Donnelly

Deputy Director, MBI

Joseph D. Downing

Senior Advisor for the Innovation Institute, II

Lisa Erlandson

Director of Financial Operations & Controller, Exec

Bonnie Fife

Payroll and Benefits Specialist, Exec

William Fuqua

Research Analyst, Exec

Cynthia Gaines

GIS Manager, MBI

Brendan Gallagher

Technical Assistant Specialist, MeHI

Katherine Green

Division Manager, MeHI

Mary Rose Greenough

Director of Program Development, II

Dan Haro

Program Specialist, II

Philip F. Holahan

Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, Exec

Judy Iwanski

Program Manager, MeHI

Kim Jacobs

Desktop Specialist, Exec

Olivia Japlon

eHealth Programs Associate, MeHI

Rik Kerstens

eHealth Services Director, MeHI

Kelly Kleanthous

Operations and Contracts Manager, Exec

Joe Kynoch

Project Manager, MeHI

Patrick Larkin

Director, Innovation Institute, Deputy Director, MassTech

Margaret Lellman

Customer Support Specialist, MeHI

Chelley Leveillee

Human Resources Specialist, Exec

Elisa Lopez

Provider Enrollment and Verification AnalystMedicaid

Holly Lucas Murphy

Director of Human Resources, Exec

Kathleen Mann

Cluster Manager, II

Ariana Matias

Provider Enrollment and Verification Analyst, Medicaid

Jay McGann

Facilities Manager, Exec

Myles McLaughlin

Director, Information Technology, Exec

Ira Moskowitz

Director, Advanced Manufacturing Programs, II

Kelsey Moriarty

Operational Data Administrator, MeHI

Kathryn Murphy

Digital Media Specialist, Exec

Dan Mushrush

IT Administrator, Exec

Joe Nasalski

Accounting Supervisor , Exec

Angela Nock

Provider Enrollment and Verification Analyst, Medicaid

Brian Noyes

Director of Research and Communications, Exec

Garrett Quinn

Digital Health Marketplace Manager, MeHI

Elisabeth Renczkowski

Content Specialist, MeHI

Cornell Robinson

Senior Project Manager, MBI

Joseph Ryan

Business Solutions Manager, Exec

Jennifer Saubermann

Associate General Counsel & Director of Intragovernmental Affairs, Exec

Bhawna Sehgal

Provider Enrollment and Verification Analyst, Medicaid

Danuta Stasiewicz

Senior Accountant, Exec

Katie Stoico

Executive Assistant, Exec

Laurance Stuntz

Director, MeHI

Maureen Tziavas

Executive Assistant, Exec

Veronica Vaca

Project Administrator, Exec

Ebonee Veale

Provider Enrollment and Verification Analyst, Medicaid

Maeghan Welford

Chief of Staff, Exec

Al Wroblewski

Client Services Relationship Account Manager, MeHI