Meet MassTech

We're an innovative public agency working to support a vibrant, growing economy across Massachusetts.

Our strength stems from partnerships and industry insights. We develop meaningful collaborations across industry, academia and government which serve as powerful catalysts, turning good ideas into economic opportunity within the state's burgeoning technology sector.

We are:

  • Fostering the growth of dynamic, innovative businesses and industry clusters in the Commonwealth, accelerating the creation and expansion of firms in technology-growth sectors;
  • Accelerating technology use and adoption, helping ensure statewide connectivity and promoting competitiveness; and
  • Harnessing the value of research by supporting and funding research initiatives, and encouraging greater collaboration with industry to help bring ideas to market.

Through our Innovation Institute and major divisions, the Massachusetts eHealth Institute and the Massachusetts Broadband Institute, MassTech is fostering innovation and helping shape a vibrant economy.


Learn more about us and the Massachusetts tech economy:                             Download our Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report (PDF):
Presentation Cover Slide                                        2016 Annual Report Cover