The Massachusetts innovation economy is rebounding from the recession. However, other states are growing faster in some areas.
Massachusetts continues to be a leader in turning R&D funding into ideas, technologies, and companies.
Massachusetts R&D assets remain strong, while some other states are gaining ground.
Massachusetts continues to have a strong talent base.
The nature of capital investment that fuels the Massachusetts innovation economy, helping turn ideas and technologies into products, companies, and jobs is undergoing significant change.

The Massachusetts Innovation Economy Index

The Index of the Massachusetts Innovation Economy, published annually since 1997, is the premier fact-based benchmark for measuring the performance of the Massachusetts knowledge economy.

Emerging from the recession, much of the Massachusetts innovation economy is growing. Most of its cluster industries are adding jobs—some of them faster than their counterparts in other leading technology states (LTS), while some industries are not faring as well. However, important indicators of economic health, such as wages and productivity are on the rise. Massachusetts' research and development (R&D) assets, which help fuel innovation, remain strong. And, the Commonwealth continues to be a leader in turning R&D funding into ideas, technologies and companies, with strong performances on indicators such as technology licensing, patents and business formation.